What is SEO?
by Danish Mehtab    

What is SEO? What is “Search” Optimisation. What exactly does SEO/or SEOs do? How can it help me? These are just some of the questions clients ask me during our first meeting. I’ve been doing SEO for a long time (a very, very long time), but these questions always get the better of me.

So I always answer these questions in the following manner:

  • I start by lecturing clients on the benefits of SEO (my favorite topic).
  • I explain in detail the fistful of tasks and magical spells we use to run an SEO campaign.
  • I close by explaining the various terminologies involved in SEO.
  • Finally, I urge the client to ask questions, and RESTART the whole cycle…it’s easy and effective!

Yup, it’s a well rehearsed scheme, and I am totally at easy with it. But sometimes I do use aids: aids to help me explain SEO to prospective clients in bit sized bits. Speaking of bit sized bits I recently came across this infographic. Designed by our friends at PipeJump, the infographic explains SEO in a casual, almost dewy-eyed manner. It’s certainly a good ice breaker. Enjoy:

Get More Leads 1 What is SEO?

  For more information on what SEO can do for your business – click here.

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Danish Mehtab
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Danish, Traffic’s Techie-in-Chief, began his working life as a web developer, and since the late 90s has progressively become a highly respected expert on web development & digital marketing in Dubai & the UAE. As well as his undisputed technical knowledge and skills, Danish’s possesses a natural talent for organisation and management, instilling a strong sense of purpose and focus in cross-functional teams, a key quality when it comes to running a team as multi-cultural and multifunctional such as ours. As Operations Director, Danish takes care of Traffic’s Development, Search and Content teams, his ability to get the most out of his staff means that the work they produce is of a consistently flawless standard.
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