Traffic Supercharge Propspace

Traffic Supercharge Propspace

Propspace is a fast becoming the real estate CRM tool of the year ahead for all budding real estate brokers who are looking to have a solid software tool to help them centralize all their day-to-day business activities.

Traffic recently joined forces with Propspace in a mutual co-op to provide Propspace with a brand new marketing website to assist them in creating more brand awareness online for their CRM solution.

Essentially this is more than a simple ‘re-design project’ of their already existing website” remarked Johnny Huntington, Traffic’s CEO & MD. “Of course we are looking at design, however we will also be focusing on ensuring we get the right key messages working on the website, high lighting and inturn upselling features of the CRM better, introducing elements that aggressively compete against other CRMs solutions in the same space and lastly increasing page view which forms a basis of increasing lead generation for Propspace. Our goal is to make Propspace the ‘only’ company you think of when looking for Real Estate CRM solutions”.

Traffic is the Middle East’s Dictator of digital and we provide online marketing weapons of mass destruction comprising of web design and development, mobile app and response based solutions, Search engine Optimization, Social Media Management and Pay-per-click services.

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