Portfolio 2.0
by Rahat Hussain    

Traffic now has a new and improved web portfolio. The new portfolio has been designed to engage and interact with visitors and offer them options to browse our previous projects in web/mobile development, design and internet marketing.

New Design Portfolio Portfolio 2.0

The new portfolio has also been primed with an advanced search tool, facilitating visitors to sort our work by country, industry, and design style. These features, which are generally ignored in portfolio design, have been included solely to help visitors navigate through our previous work with ease and speed.

Traffics Portfolio Portfolio 2.0

Apart from enhancing user convenience by allowing them to browse projects by interest, the new portfolio has also been equipped with a number of user-friendly services and solutions including AJAX tools, simplified navigation, and more informative content to name a few.

You can check our new client portfolio here.

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pixel Portfolio 2.0



Rahat Hussain
About Rahat Hussain
Rahat joined the Traffic camp in 2010, as one of our Senior Content Writers. Since his arrival he has worked on more than forty individual websites and blogs, developing his skills as one of the best SEO copywriters in the Middle East. As Manager of Web Content, Rahat mans the helm of a creative team of copywriters, ensuring that the highest standards are met for both in-house content as well as for external clients.
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