LinkedIn: 200 Millions Users
by Nina Chohan    

Last week LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, announced that had added its 200 millionth member, and had cemented its position as the world’s 8th biggest social network.

LinkedIn 200 Million Users LinkedIn: 200 Millions Users

Although not as popular as Facebook with one billion members, or Twitter and Google Plus with 500 million users, LinkedIn has nonetheless established a niche for itself in the social jungle. At present the site caters to 160  million unique monthly visitors in 19 different languages and is the 23rd most visited website online.

During the last couple of years LinkedIn has grown at a rate of 10 to 15 million users per quarter. In fact, since its last earnings call on November 1, 2012, the business-oriented social network has added 13 million users – which is equal to adding two people every second.

According to the announcement, 74 million users (or 40% of the LinkedIn members) are based in the United States. 18 million are in India, while  11 million are in the U.K. The MENA regions supplies LinkedIn with 5 million members, out of which one million are based in the Emirates.

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