Deadly Sins of Link Building
by Danish Mehtab    

If your online marketing strategy is just SEO, you need to see this infographic.  Designed by E-Web Marketing it focuses on link building and its correct (or as in this case “incorrect”) usage.

the seven deadly sins of link building 5077c42516270 Deadly Sins of Link Building

As stated in this infographic, the overuse of link building, or more precisely its misuse is one of the primary reasons for attracting Google  penalties.  So tread carefully, and steer clear of the dark side of SEO.

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pixel Deadly Sins of Link Building



Danish Mehtab
About Danish Mehtab
Danish, Traffic’s Techie-in-Chief, began his working life as a web developer, and since the late 90s has progressively become a highly respected expert on web development & digital marketing in Dubai & the UAE. As well as his undisputed technical knowledge and skills, Danish’s possesses a natural talent for organisation and management, instilling a strong sense of purpose and focus in cross-functional teams, a key quality when it comes to running a team as multi-cultural and multifunctional such as ours. As Operations Director, Danish takes care of Traffic’s Development, Search and Content teams, his ability to get the most out of his staff means that the work they produce is of a consistently flawless standard.
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