Dubizzle Now in Abu Dhabi

Here’s some good news for Abu Dhabians! Dubizzle, the hot favorite and most visited web portal of Dubai is now available in Abu Dhabi with all its features. The portal has been customized as per the needs of the new host region. Dubizzle Abu Dhabi will now have an entirely new and extensive group of regular visitors for needs ranging from job search, property search, classifieds, communities, discussion boards, blogs and a lot more.

The need for a separate Dubizzle portal for Abu Dhabi was being felt for quite some time. Abu Dhabi, being the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates, naturally needed a platform to cater to a variety of its over one million residents’ needs. Additionally, saturation in Dubai’s commercial growth added to Abu Dhabi’s attraction for overseas investment. Dubai’s growing scarcity of residential lands and properties besides the high-ticket purchase and rental price tags made both home buyers and developers to look up to the promising city of Abu Dhabi. This diversion of attention from Dubai to Abu Dhabi also played a key role in the rapid development of the latter. Today Abu Dhabi appears to be hatching out of its sand shell, emerging as a bustling metropolis with bold planned and underway developments, exactly the way Dubai did a couple of decades back.

Following Dubai’s footsteps, Abu Dhabi is also bent on reducing its dependability on petrodollars by providing a boost to its services industry. This resolve has already started to have positive effects on Abu Dhabi making it the city of preference after Dubai. As businesses continue to move and expand to Abu Dhabi, the city is fast becoming a haven for jobseekers. Unable to afford a living in Dubai despite working there, people are moving to Abu Dhabi to get a decent residence that doesn’t break their budget. The rise in population, especially expatriate and working population, has changed the dynamics of the city. Today Abu Dhabi offers more properties, more jobs, more communities and above all, more opportunities for fruitful investments, jobs and decent, affordable dwellings.

All that Abu Dhabi offers is now available at one place that is Dubizzle Abu Dhabi. With everything-under-one-roof approach, the giant portal offers classifieds, property for sale and rent listings, job listings and communities. The portal also houses hundreds of user reviews about the city’s bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes to help Abu Dhabians make an informed decision. Dubizzle also features discussion boards and blogs that inform and entertain Dubizzlers at the same time. It’s already thumbs-up from the new portal’s users and the numbers are growing fast.

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