Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing-Overtakes-Yahoo

Google might be the kingpin of the search engine world but over the last twelve months, searches powered by Microsoft Bing have increased at an impressive rate. In fact, just a few weeks ago Microsoft Bing over took Yahoo! to become the second most popular search engine of the world.

According to study published by, more than 18.2 billion searches were conducted in the United States during December 2011.  Google catered to 12 billion of those searches, followed by Microsoft Bing with 2.7 billion and Yahoo! with 2.6 billion searches. The study found that during December 2011, Bing raised its market share by 0.1 per cent, while Yahoo! experienced a real drop of 0.6 per cent – 0.5 per cent of Yahoo’s lost market share went to Google.It is interesting to note that in December of 2010 Bing only accounted for 12 per cent of the U.S. search market. Today the number stands at 15.1 per cent. A growth of 24.7 per cent may seem like a triumph, but when one compares Bing’s 15.1 per cent market share with Google’s 69.5 per cent, the leap doesn’t seem that enormous. Nonetheless Bing is on the right path; let’s see what the year 2012 has in store for this underdog of search engines.

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